A Look Behind the Scenes

The Goal

  To start, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my site. From what was once just an idea to help fellow content creators, these cinematic packs have morphed into something much larger than ever imaginable. After analyzing the numbers behind the 22 (and counting) Overwatch Cinematics, I decided to create this site to allow an even wider audience to gain access to quality cinematics. In the end, the goal of this project is simply to help lower the barrier for content creators by making the process of finding cinematics easy and convenient.

The Cinematics

  I think many creators go through a few different phases when making montages or frag movies. The first is when you finally understand how to cut and sync clips to a beat. The second is when rose-tinted glasses begin to come off - yes the montage is good buts its just missing something . One thing that can help that (at least in my experience) is to break up the non-stop action with some cinematics of the current map. While this isn't the only way, you'd be surprised at how much they can help.

The Creator

  OneGuy started his channel back in 2014 with the primary focus being montages for the Battlefield series, beginning with Battlefield 3. As time went on, interest in creating montages slowly wayned. For a few months in order to change the now-repetitive montage making process, he began to upload playthroughs of older games from his childhood - most of which from the Nintendo Gamecube. Once the summer of 2016 came around, Blizzard's newest title Overwatch was released. Like many, OneGuy became hooked on the game - also rekindling his desire to make montages. While he does not actively play as much as he used to, OneGuy will continue to support the game's content creators with cinematics for as long as new ones get released.

The Music of OneGuy Cinematics

These massively talented artists are the heart of the music in the cinematics I produce.

Burn Water (ColdFusion)

A Himitsu